Revitalized Ville-Marie East district

A mature yet modern neighbourhood is emerging near the downtown core. More welcoming than ever, Ville‑Marie East features a bustling atmosphere where new projects, revamped businesses, spacious green spaces and a strong community spirit live side by side in perfect harmony.  


TOD: Travel is optimized

Designed with the goal of offering you the best of Montreal life, Le Moden follows the principles of TOD (transit-oriented development). This innovative international movement promotes urban living environments organized around an efficient public transit system.

Next to the Frontenac metro on the green line, a BIXI station, bus stops and the bike path, you have direct access to downtown, the Quartier des spectacles, the Old Port and all the city’s must‑see attractions.

7 min. from Parc Lafontaine

13 min. from Île Sainte‑Hélène

20 min. from Parc du Mont-Royal

9 min. from the Berri-UQAM station

15 min. from the future REM’s McGill station

27 min. from the Longueuil station

3 min. from Sherbrooke Street

5 min. from the Jacques-Cartier bridge

15 min. from highways 20 and 40

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in a central and future-oriented neighbourhood


 All kinds of delights at your doorstep.

Le Moden springs to life in the midst of a bustling neighbourhood. Modern local businesses, including a grocery store, are just a stone’s throw away from the development. Renowned Polish bakery Wawel sits just around the corner, where you can savour specialty coffees, pastries and other delicacies on its sunny terrace. Close by, cafés, bars and trendy restaurants beckon you to enjoy some quality time alone or with friends.  


Invigorate your everyday!

The immense Parc Médéric-Martin stretches out at the foot of the project with a community garden, playgrounds and wading pool, training circuit, cross-country skiing and tennis court.


Any excuse to head outside

Le Moden is taking shape in a district full of parks and outdoor sports facilities. Enjoy a relaxing day and a host of activities to suit all tastes, whether in the large green spaces that bring people together or in the wide array of neighbourhood parks.


A neighbourhood packed with activities

Ville-Marie’s murals and omnipresent creative works reflect the city’s strong artistic and cultural heritage. Several creative, exhibition and performance venues, such as the Maison de la culture Janine-Sutto and the Théâtre Espace Libre, are located nearby.

And there’s plenty for sports enthusiasts too! Fitness lovers can enjoy the perks of living opposite an impressive developed park, the Jean-Claude-Malépart sports and aquatic centre as well as Ville-Marie Tennis.

1. Parc Médéric-Martin
2. Parc Walter-Stewart
3. Parc Jos-Montferrand
4. Parc Sainte-Marie
5. Parc des Royaux
6. Parc La Fontaine
Schools & daycares
1. Halte-Garderie Poussons
2. École Saint-Anselme
3. CPE du Carrefour
4. École Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur
5. CPE Ki-Ri
6. CPE du Carrefour
7. École Pierre-Dupuy
8. École Champlain
Culture, sports & leisure
1. Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart
2. Maison de la culture Janine-Sutto et Bibliothèque Frontenac
3. Académie Frontenac
4. Ville-Marie Tennis
5. Piscine Quintal
6. Village Aud Pied-du-Courant
7. Bloc Shop Hochelaga
Cafes, restaurants & bars
1. Patisserie Polonaise Wawel
2. Modali café
3. Cafeteria Nonnini
4. La Rose-Marie
5. Au Petit Extra
6. Grenade
7. Boswell - Brasserie artisanale
8. Bistro Le Passé Composé
1. IGA Hochelaga
2. Banque Nationale
3. Familiprix Extra
4. Clinique dentaire Fullum
5. CLSC Parthenais
Public art
1. "Pauline Julien" (mosaïque)
2. "Mélangez le tout" (sculpture)
3. "Hommage à Janine Sutto" (mosaïque)
4. "À Voile Déchirée" (sculpture)
5. "Qanuqtuurniq" (murale)
6. "Robert Gravel" (mosaïque)
7. "Le jeu of Creators & Coatlicue" (murale)
7. "Marjo" (mosaïque)


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